Hallux Valgus Sandals

Wearing is caring – Hallufix® therapy sandals and mules.
Just arrived: the new collection 2021 is here, 6 fresh new models and stylish accessories.

Hallufix® presents the first sandals and mules worldwide that correct hallux valgus when worn.
The gentle correction is made by the individually adjustable big toe strap.

Order the sandals and mules easily and straightforwardly in our online shop.

The advantages of Hallufix® sandals and mules

  • Individually adjustable big toe straps correct the toe misalignment gently and sustainably.
  • Soothing gel cushions on the big toe straps ensure a comfortable hold.
  • Two robust Velcro fasteners guarantee an optimal fit.
  • High-quality leather and non-slip outsoles offer impeccable comfort.
  • The soft and comfortable insole can be replaced by an orthopedic footbed.

The AllGo mules made of black smooth leather can be worn elegantly, casually and optimally in many work areas.

The BianGo mule is completely white and is suitable for everyday use as well as for white work clothing.

With berry-colored suede, the BerryGo mules not only bring color, but also delight your feet.

The FreeGo mules made of nut-brown suede are chic and easy to combine.

With the golden mules SunGo made of glittering suede, you get the summer on your feet.

The comfortable CanGo sandal, made of brown smooth leather and with adjustable heel straps,
offers both men and women optimal support.

Of course, our sales models GinkGo, TenGo and LowGo can still be ordered.

The individually adjustable big toe strap corrects the toe misalignment gently and sustainably.

By turning the twist button, the big toe shovel moves gently and brings the toe back into the correct position.

Wear time is therapy time. Your therapy starts when you wear it for the first time.

Optimal adjustment of the big toe strap using the twist button, the soft gel cushion increases wearing comfort and prevents pressure points.