Hallux Valgus Sandals

Long-term correction of big toe malpositioning (bunions)

Get to know the new Hallufix Bunion Aid sandals and mules TenGo, GinkGo and LowGo.

The Hallufix sandal and mule is available in your medical supply store or from your orthopedic shoe technician.
Please ask for the original from Hallufix.

In Germany, more than 10 million women suffer from hallux valgus, a painful deformity of the big toe (bunions). With the new Hallufix sandals you correct the malposition with each carrying and relieve the aching ball area.

Wearing is therapy

The first sandal in the world to correct hallux valgus (bunions) whilst being worn.

  • The movement of the foot results in a faster and more effective correction.
  • The individually adjustable big toe strap gently corrects the malpositioning of the big toe.
    This provides immediate pain relief.

Correction is achieved with the twist button over the big toe strap. The insole can be replaced with an orthopaedic insole. (Should only be carried out by an orthopaedic technician).

Hallufix® Bunion Aid sandals have beendeveloped by the orthopaedic technicians at Hallufix AG to correct big toe malpositioningand for pain relief (bunions, scientific term: hallux valgus).

If an adjustment of the volume in the forefoot area is needed, you can adjust the sandal individually on the forefoot with our model GinkGo and LowGo with the help of the additional Velcro fastener.

Get to know the new Hallufix Bunion Aid sandals and mules TenGo, GinkGo and LowGo.

GinkGo is an elegant suede sandal with an extra heel strap for a perfect fit.

TenGo, is an open sandal in fashionable silver look.

LowGo is an elegant suede slipper in elegant dark blue.

DThe sandal is easy to put on and relieves from the first time you wear it. The Hallufix sandals are worn like normal sandals, but the wearing time is already therapy time. Hallufix Hallux Valgus sandals help you quickly and effectively.

Now test the Hallufix Hallux Valgus Sandal, the world’s only sandal that can effectively treat a hallux valgus with the help of the customizable big toe loop.

The twist button which is connected with the toe strap ensures an optimal fit